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Fairground Wedding!

25th August 2013

One of our recent weddings was Gemma n Mathew. This couple met at the fairground at Hartlepools headland 2 years ago. For this reason they arranged their wedding to suit this years fair. Married at the Borough Hall on the headland and then once the " I do " and the rings were exchanged " and followed by the " you may kiss the bride" we all went to the fair!  Gemma and Mathew went on the Waltza the teacups and the big wheel with the groom in his suit and the bride in her dress. I bought the couple as big a hotdog as I could find and we managed to get hold of some candy floss. We were acompanied by the brides Father and the bridesmaid. To say the pictures were fun would be an understatement. Lots of the revellers at the fair did a double take when seeing the couple. The local newspaper, The Hartlepool Mail then did a feature on their big day. A lovely couple and they were fun to work with.